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T-bone music from around the web. Web sites come and go so if you like one of the arrangements, contact me and I will help you find it. Here are a number of my favorites. I like to hear all of the parts, so I 've recorded several of these in my basement Lair, and included a link to the result.

Little Darlin'

For trombone quartet.


See U Again

For trombone quartet.



A Pop/Fusion tune from 1970 by Jim Peterik and his group "The Ides of March", for trombone quartet. The Trombone sheet music can be found -Here-.


All of Me

Another Pop tune this time by John Legend, for trombone quartet.



A Pop tune by Bastille, and arranged by Shazamio, a trombone solo with a synthesized techno background. The sheet music can be found along with many others of the same style at:

If it becomes unavailable, e-mail me and I will look into it.


Duke of Earl

An early 60's tune by Gene Chandler that is easy but fun to play. If you like it, send me an email.


Jenny Jenny 867-5309

Arranged by Charlie L. and Kevin A., this is the Tommy Tutone hit from the 80's, for trombone quartet. The sheet music can be found at:


Carry On My Wayward Son

Arranged by Thomas Huang, this arrangement was inspired by the Maniacal 4 version of the 70's tune by Kansas. Thomas simplified it so that a medium to good trombone quartet could play it. He also arranged another version pitched a little higher. Audio

Take On Me

An arrangement by Christopher Bill of the 80's tune by "A-ha". Quite a difficult piece, however the arrangement stands up even after simplifications are made to accommodate different playing levels. The sheet music is at:


Hotel California

An Eagles, Classic Rock tune from the 70's, for trombone quartet.


Lassus Trombone

A Quartet Classic. I recorded this too fast, but you get the idea. The Trombone sheet music can be found -Here-.


Boar's Head Carol

A Quartet for trombones, the author is not listed The sheet music is at :


Maple Leaf Rag

This arrangement of Scott Joplin's famous rag is a quartet for Trombones, arranged by T. Hillerbrant. The sheet music is at:


16 ChoralesChorales for Trombone Quartet

The free sheet music is at:
Example recording of # 15, "A mighty Fortress is our God"

In the Still of the Night

An old 50's tune by Fred Paris (Five Satins) arranged for trombone quartet.


Winter Wonderland

A duet for Trombones, by Felix Bernard, arranged by Benjamin Coy. This and other sheet music can be found at:


David Concerto Mvmt #3

An Orchestral accompaniment for the concerto. Actually it's a video of the sheet music with excellent orchestra in the background. Great for practicing. Morceau Symphonique and a couple others are also at this site. The music is at:

A Song for Japan

By Steven Verheist, I first heard this in the spring of 2011, written for the survivors and in memory of the victims of the Tsunami that hit Japan in the spring of 2011. This is arranged for many different T-bone groups. The sheet music is at:


A solo trombone with piano arrangement of the Tommy Dorsey tune, by Benjamin Coy. The sheet music is at:

Six Lyrical Duets

Brad Edwards has several downloads available at his site ( The free sheet music for the Six Duets is at:

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